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exxxpert cosmo tips

can someone tell us what a penis is?
Aug 24 '14
Aug 24 '14

like and reblog this post if you think donkey kong is a very attractive man :-)

Aug 24 '14

(Source: unicodesnowman)

Aug 24 '14

cosmo tip #889

he still likes homestuck? jesus christ. jesus fucking christ. its 2014. not even expertcosmotips is funny anymore. all we have is a fucking elf from runescape with a halo sound clip and screenshots of ctrl+alt+del

Aug 15 '14
Jul 27 '14
Jul 17 '14

Why date the dub when you can have the sub

Jul 17 '14

It’s not like he will ever care about you anyway. Just give up. If his sim you made in The Sims 3™ won’t stay faithful to you, you know it’s not meant to be.

Jul 11 '14
Jul 2 '14

Can’t have sex today… Too sad death grips broke up…