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exxxpert cosmo tips

can someone tell us what a penis is?
Oct 18 '14

cosmo tip #868


some people take drugs when they have sex. for example: i know a guy who took a lot of laxative and took a shit and then he put it in the girls vagina. his name is stan i work with him. he’s cool but sometimes i wonder if hes a vampire >: )

Oct 17 '14

cosmo tip #870


never be with someone who doesn’t treat you like an angle :)

Oct 16 '14

cosmo tip #871


youre so good at sex haha april fools

Oct 15 '14

cosmo tip #883


its the best time of year to be screwed! by exams

Oct 14 '14

cosmo tip #884


cosplay as characters from the hit sitcom anime “hetalia” and have sex (in the middle of a busy freeway during rush hour traffic)

Oct 13 '14

cosmo tip #885


separate your body like a worm and have a girls night out

Oct 12 '14

cosmo tip #886


make sure all dialogue trees have been exhausted to ensure you have not missed a quest

Oct 11 '14

cosmo tip #887


don’t even have sex you’re just gonna mess everything up anyway

Oct 3 '14

mad that someone criticizes your use of rape jokes???


someone’s a little sensitive

Oct 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

Women also make or laugh at rape jokes. Most of the rape jokes I've heard are about men going to prison. Some rape jokes are funny so chill. It depends on how serious they are. You wouldn't get angry if someone made a joke about murder. We''re not all specifically focused on rape.

i have 0 idea what the context of this message is 

the only thing that’s clear is the fact you’re a huge diaper baby